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Flying over Tsum valley (China-Tibet Border) Manaslu Circuit, Gorkha, Nepal


An important point on trade routes between Tibet, Nepal and China, along the Brahmaputra & Indus Valley. Loh OR Tsum Valley was found during 12th century, by a Tibetan prince named Skyid lde nyima gon. He conquered western Tibet and established several towns and castles along with the main sculptures near Tsum Valley, which remained as a seat of Gorkhali kings. Prior to this, little is known about the kingdom.

According to the history of Loh & Tsum Valley till 17th century, Tsum Valley was ruled by King Sengge Namgyal and was prone to frequent attacks by the Gorkhali Kings. When Loh was accorded the status of Upper Gorkha’s regional capital, it soon flourished into a prosperous town with a market on the popular Lhasa Salt Trade Route.

It is also believed that in 1920s and 1930s, the vibrant bazaar, which is still present today used to receive camel -trains and a dozen ponies every day and when the Chinese-Tibetan border was closed all of a sudden because of Maoist Revolutionary wing, the fate of Tsum Valley changed as the Tibeto-Burman merchants who were responsible for bringing fortunes for Loh went through financial crisis.

Incidentally the town of Tsum Valley & Loh acquired a new status when Upper Gorkha realised its strategic importance after the decade long civil war within itself and today Tsum Valley is not only important from Trading point of view but is also a favorite Holiday & Trekking destination amidst adventure enthusiasts all across the globe and also covers 5-6 Days walking part of Manaslu Circuit Trek (Gorkha, Nepal).

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

Day 02: Kathmandu city Sightseeing

Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Arughat (535m) and jeep to Sote Khola

Day 04: Trek to Macha khola (860m)

Day 05: Macha Khola to Jagat (1410m)

Day 06: Jagat to Lokpa (2040m)

Day 07: Lokpa to Chumling (2363m)

Day 08: Chumling to Chhekampar (3010m)

Day 09: Chhekampar to Nile (3365m)

Day 10: Nile to Mu Gompa (3700m)

Day 11: Mu Gompa to Rachen Gompa (3240m)

Day 12: Rachen Gompa to Dumje (2440m)

Day 13: Dumje to Lung dang Gumpa (3200m)

Day 14: Lung dang Gompa to Ripchet (2468m)

Day 15: Ripchet to Dovan (1070m)

Day 16: Dovan to Soti Khola (720m)

Day 17: Soti Khola to Arughat (535m)

Day 18: Drive from Arughat to Kathmandu

Day 19: Free Day at Kathmandu,

Day 20: Final Departure