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LayaGasa Trek is one of the famous treks of Bhutan. Besides nature, it also containsthe main cultural aspects of Bhutan. For examples, the women are dressed up in a black skirt, made up of yak and sheep’s wool with a pointed bamboo hat, and monasteries and dzongs, which have arts, designs, and paintings, and which are artistically rich.From the point of view of nature, it takes you to different landscapes, such as mountains and high altitudes, and some of these include high passes, and landscapes that are lush forest and farmlands. Precisely speaking, the trekking trail goes up and down of the high passes and its lush forest iscomposed of oak, fir, and rhododendron trees. Other vegetation also includes fern and mosses. There are also beautiful waterfalls and rivers, and there are also glacial lakes and hot springs, where you can dip to get a relief. The extended nature also includes rare flora and faunas, isolated pastures and the animals, such as blue sheep, musk deer, Takins, or marmots, and of course endangered species, such as snow leopard, Himalayan bear, and Yeti.

Day 1 : Arrive Paro
Day 2 : Paro sightseeing
Day 3 : Trek to Shana
Day 4 : Trek to Soithangthangkha
Day 5 : Trek to Jangothang;
Day 6 : To Lingshi
Day 7 : To Chebisa
Day 8 : To shomuthang
Day 9 : To Robluthang
Day 10 : To Lamithang
Day 11 : To Laya
Day 12 : Laya halt
Day 13 : To Koena
Day 14 : To Gasa
Day 15 : Gasa Tsachu
Day 16 : To Goendamji
Day 17 : ToTashithang/Punakha
Day 18 : Punakha sightseeing, Thimpu
Day 19 : Thimpu sightseeing, Paro
Day 20 : Paro-excursion to Taktsang
Day 21 : Departure