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Climbing Oxygen

The Poisk Oxygen system is the, so far, best oxygen system made for climbing. Since Manufactured in St. Petersburg Russia, the POISK oxygens are much demanded for climbing of Mt. Everest and other high 8000 meter peaks.Its volume, size and dimensions have been optimally designed to fit the needs of the high altitude climber. Most oxygen systems requires carrying a heavy bottle to the summit even though it may be close to empty.
The Poisk system is designed to use tow to three bottles for a summit day of 12 to 18 hours. This allows you to drop and empty bottle on the way to the summit and pick up a strategically placed bottle on the descent if needed. This way you have only one third the weight on your back as you approach the summit.


One POISK –3 high pressure bottle filled to 260 Bar at 20 degrees Celsius weighs under six pounds (2.7 kg). The dimensions of the bottle are 19 inches long and 4.25 inches in diameter (see picture on following page) . Four bottles can easily fit into a medium size pack. these bottles are extremely reliable and easy to use. They are also refillable. * At a 2 liter per minute flow the bottles last approximately 6.5 hours.


The POISK REGULATOR is light weight (0.35 kg), easy to use and very reliable. The regulator is a constant flow device and can be adjusted in ¼ liter per minute increments ranging from 1 to 4 liters per minute.


The POISK MASK is similar to the Hornbein mask in that it uses a bladders to conserve oxygen use. This simply means the bladder only releas3s the oxygen into the mask when you inhale. The mask in insulated to protect your face from the cold, and when combined with a balaclava and goggles your face is completely protected from the elements.


The number of bottles, regulators and mask needed for a particular expedition is dependent on the size of the expedition, as well as the particulars route you are attempting. If you are uncertain of your needs, feel free to contact us to discuss your expedition.