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Nepal is a land-locked country.Its borders are with India to the South and West,Sikkim to the east and Tibet to the north.It is characterised by several east-west chain of hills of increasing height. The Himalaya is the youngest and highest mountain chain on the earth. The great Himalayan range of 800 km lies within the Himalayas of Nepal. It has 1310 magnificent peaks over 600m, including 8 of the world’s highest and 14 peaks of 8000m. This trip is one of its kind that shows not just bits and parts but the whole of Nepal. The beauty of Nepal lies not just in its Himalayas or in its pagoda temples but it lies in its people and their rich cultural diversity. Nepalese people are known all over the world for their simplicity and hospitality. Dozens of ethnic groups each with their own distinctive features, costumes, languages and cultures unite to form the people of Nepal. It is quite interesting to see how rituals,customs and superstitions deeply affect the every day life of Nepalese people. This is a tour about human interaction and a chance to visit some of the beautiful and unspoiled places of Nepal that most don’t normally get to see. And we provide the right means for making it possible as well as memorable. The best way you can interact with the people is by staying with a local family where you will be accepted as a family member rather than an outsider. Here though the accommodation is simple, it is clean and comfortable and sufficient enough. You will live and eat with them as a family member. This will help create a bond between you and your host family and you will feel much closer and learn things in a warm family like environment. You will experience living the life of a Nepali. We can also arrange tours to the local schools or projects (e.g. health, environment etc.), you can also talk with the local representatives or a village elder. Just talking with these people can give us a deeper understanding of their lives and their culture. There will be cultural programs like dramas, folk songs and dances by the locals that are both entertaining as well as educational which depicts Nepalese culture in many ways. This is a tour that gives you an insight into the lives of the Nepalese people and takes you through Nepal’s hills and plains that are as diverse as the culture itself.

Language: Although Nepali is the national language of Nepal and is the linking language between all the country’s ethnic groups there are many other languages spoken. The Newars of the Kathmandu Valley, for example, speak Newari and there are other languages spoken by the Tamangs, Sherpas, Rais, Limbus, Magars, Gurungs and other groups. In the Terai, bordering India, Hindi and Maithali, another Indian language of their region, are often spoken.

Visas: All foreign nationals except Indians require visas to enter Nepal, available either at Nepal embassies and consulates overseas or at the airport/frontier on arrival.