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Cultural Bhutan trip offers the perfect introduction to Bhutan ! The itinerary has been designed to give you a wide variety of experiences though it will be an adventure enjoyed in comparative comfort because every night is spent either in a hotel or a comfortable lodge. The hikes are gentle as compared to trek and every day hike has an interesting objective taking you to many temples, hermit retreats, old palaces, villages or simply into lovely scenery. There are also exciting road journeys taking you slowly on twisting mountain roads, over passes and when it gets monotonous, we will make stops to take incursions into the roadside villages and come in contact with the people and nature.

We arrive at Paro by Druk Air flight and transfer to Thimphu. At Hotel Wangchuk we have Welcome dinner and briefing on tour. The next day we go for Thimpu sightseeing. There are a good many things to see in the capital which has a very relaxed, laid-back feel about it. Thimphu is relatively small, no traffic lights and the streets are wide and tree lined. The most important sights include; the national library, thangkha painting school, traditional medicine hospital, Drubthob nunnery, Memorial stupa, Tashichhodzong, gold and silver smith’s workshop, handicraft centers. Try also a cup of coffee in the Swiss Bakery. We stay at Hotel Wangchuk for the night. We drive to Jakar the next morning. This is a long day’s drive of 7-8 hours but it is a journey you are not likely to forget. The road winds over high mountain passes and the scenery is certainly stunning. We make occasional stops in the course of the journey to take incursion into the roadside villages, temples, weaving centers and any special events that may be taking place. We stay at Mountain Lodge. The next day we go for Jakar sightseeing.

Bumthang valley is one of the most sacred in the Kingdom and innumerable legends surround the area. It is here that the kings are cremated and the present royal family trace their ancestry back to the famous saint, Pemalingpa. Visits to; Jambay, Kurjey, Tamshing temples, castle of the “ White Bird ”. Also worth seeing are the woodcraft workshop, homeopathic hospital, and the cheese factory. We stay at Mountain Lodge. Leaving Jakar, we return west, stopping to visit the Chendebji Chorten, a large white monument said to conceal the remnants of an evil spirit vanquished here.

Continuing across the spectacular Pelela pass we come to the valleys of Punakha and Wangdi. Explore Punakha, Bhutan’s old winter capital which lies at the confluence of Pho and Mo rivers. The large fortress with its temples, temples and towers overlooks the town and provides excellent views. We stay at Meri Puensum Resort. More sightseeing in the morning and drive to Paro via Thimphu (en route). Visit Paro museum, dzong, and the local farm house. (Pelri Cottages/Tiger’s Nest Resort).

Day 1 : Arrive Paro Thimpu
Day 2 : Thimpu (sightseeing)
Day 3 : Drive to jakar
Day 4 : Jakar sightseeing
Day 5 : Jakar-Tongsa-Punakha/Wangdi
Day 6 : Drive To Paro
Day 7 : Paro Sightseeing
Day 8 : Departure