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Waterfalls, plenty of white eater, green gorges and off from the tourist crowds. This five day trip provide a lot of white water excitement and being in complete blend in undisturbed nature. The upper part is a beautiful unspoiled river with good white water, gorges and a feeling of remoteness. The lower part is a big but relatively easy river, with small gorges, jungle and an abundance of wildlife. A combined upper and lower part of the river is a classic, best of its kind. The Kali Gandaki is named after the goddess Kali and is considered a particularly holy river. It is also a gold bearing river, and we met several small groups who were sluicing and panning the gravel’s of the river bed for minuscule amounts of metal.

Kali Gandaki River(Upper)
Day 1: Drive to Nayapool, about 250 kms to the West. Rafting from Nayapool to Devisthan. Overnight camping at Devisthan.
Day 2:
Rafting from Devisthan to Purtighat.
Day 3: Rafting from Purtighat to Rudrabeni.
Day 4: Rafting from Rubrabei to Ranighat.
Day 5: Rafting to Ramdighat and drive back to Kathmandu.

Kali Gandaki River(Lower)
Day 1: Drive to Ramdighat and overnight at the riverside.
Day 2: Raft from Belghri to Malunga village.
Day 3: Raft from Malunga village to Batulitar.
Day 4: Raft from Batulitar to Below Khalte
Day 5: Raft from Khalte to Narayanghat, and drive back to Kathmandu.


Trip Inclusions:

  • Land / air transports
  • Meals during the ride and rafting, tents, sleeping bag, mattresses, boat, life jacket , safety helmit, plastic barrel to pack your personal belonging
  • Experienced river guide, permits