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Laya Lunana Trek is for an adventurous trekker because it has 7 passes, and for 18 days, the trekker has to do a strenuous trek. Walking on these passes take a long time and is difficult in nature but takes place in a pristine wilderness, which has crystal lakes. This is also the longest trek of Bhutan because it will take 24 days to complete, and it is the only trek of Bhutan that will take you to the wildest and the highest places of Bhutan. Another interesting feature of Laya Lunana Trek is it showcases you the tallest peaks of Bhutan. Like other treks, this trek also takes you to Turquoise-tinted lakes and to the land of the endangered species, such as snow leopard and blue sheep. Later, its on-going trekking trail heads off to the Mo Chu River.

Laya, which is a highlight, and where you spend your night, is a home to semi-nomadic people, who are carefree, and who are famous for their warm hospitality, whileLunana, which is your desired destination and another highlight, is located far away from different accessible parts of Bhutan. In other words, Lunana is accessible although it is remote and is isolated geographically.Moreover, Lunanan is a high valley with small villages, which is surrounded with the most dramatic mountain scenery, that is, you see the stunning snow-capped peaks around you. The best time for this trek is between the month of September-October & March-April.

Day 1 : Arrive Paro transfer to Thimpu
Day 2 : Thimpu
Day 3 : Drive to Punakha (sightseeing)
Day 4 : Trek to Goendamji (via Tashithang
Day 5 : Trek to Gasa
Day 6 : Trek to Koena
Day 7 : Trek to Laya
Day 8 : Laya halt
Day 9 : Trek To Rodophu
Day 10 : Trek to Narithang
Day 11 : Trek to Tarina
Day 12 : Trek to Woche
Day 13 : Trek to lhedi
Day 14 : Trek to Thanza
Day 15 : Thanza halt
Day 16 : Trek to Tsochoma
Day 17 : Jichu Dramo
Day 18 : To Chukarpo
Day 19 : To Tempetso
Day 20 : To Maorothang
Day 21 : To Nakachu Zam (end)
Day 22 : Drive to Thimpu
Day 23 : Thimpu Sightseeing
Day 24 : Drive to Paro, sightseeing
Day 25 : Paro-Excursion to taktsang
Day 26 : Departure