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‘Lhagyelo’, the Tibetans say whenever they venture up a mountain or a high pass, and I say it too: “The Gods have won” – Reinhold Messner on the preface of his book ‘All 14 Eight-Thousanders’f

In the Himalayan mountaineering peaks above 8000 meter have a distinct identity. Altitude 8000 meter is regarded some kind of magical height by the Himalayan climbers. Climbers go through a very special experience while climbing above 8000 meter – an experience close to being in the outer space !. The unknown challenges of high altitude climbing and a view that changes with each step gained in altitude make the challenge of climbing an 8000 meter peak a very special experience. For many climbers, climbing an 8000 meter peak bring them new confidence, respect and some fame. The 8000 meter climbs are what sorts Great Himalayan Climbs from Himalayan climbs. Most of high mountains in the world are situated in the Himalayan and Karakorrum mountain ranges. Of the 14 peaks that are above 8000 meter in heights, are all situated in the Himalaya and Karakorrum ranges. The highest among these and also the world’s highest, of course, is the 8848 meter tall Mt. Everest ( Sagarmatha in Nepali and Chomolungma in Sherpas and Tibetan langugae). It rises majestically between the frontier of the Nepal and the Tibet Autonomous region of the PRC of China. Mt. Shisapangma at 8027 meter in height and the single 8000 meter peak which all situated in Tibet is the lowest among the 14 eight thousand meter peaks.

The first 8000 meter peak to be successfully climbed was the 8091 meter high Annapurna situated in the mid west Nepal. The successful ascent was made by a French team on 2nd July 1950 led by Maurice Herzog marking a great breakthrough in the history of mountaineering. The success on Annapurna led to another historical success on Mt. Everest by British when Tenzing Sherpa and Edmund Hillary reached the top of Mt. Everest on the morning of 29th May 1953. With the ascent of Shisapangma in 1964 by the Chinese in 1964 all fourteen 8000 meter peaks were successfully climbed. Successes on these peaks have inspired many climbers from all corner of the globe to go to the Himalaya mountains – turning the Himalayan mountains as the ultimate and popular playgrounds for climbers all over the world.

To help fulfill your adventure to an 8000 meter peaks, Windhorse Trekking offers package climb to four of the popular 8000 meter peaks from the list of fourteen 8000 meter peaks. The peak include Makalu 8463m. Dhaulagiri 8167m, Cho-Oyu 8201 meter and Shisapangma 8027m. Please click the button above to get more information about the mountain and the climbs.