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Flights Booking

More to our adventure filled trips, we do provide flight service to any destinations within Nepal by scheduled fixed wing and chartered helicopter flights. There about half a dozen fixed wing airlines and about same number of helicopter companies providing regular scheduled flights services to different destination in Nepal. The air services to airport with long runways in the urban tropical areas are provided by air-craft such as 100 seater jet engine Fokker Friendship, 30 seater prop engine SAAB, 30 seater prop engine Jet stream and 18 seater prop engine Beach Craft.


Mountain destinations where long runways are not available are served by Canadian built Twin Otter, German made Dormer and Chinese made Y12 aircrafts. Russian built MI – 7 helicopter provide charter flights both for flying cargo and passenger to remote mountain destinations without airport. These helicopters are very popular for flying cargo / climbers and mountain rescue purpose. Compare to other helicopter of similar built this helicopter carries huge payload and it is very suitable for high altitude flying. Other helicopters providing services include Japanese built 9 seater Kawasaki, American built Bell Ranger and French built Ecuriel (squirrel). Occasionally it is also possible to hire the French made Super Puma, and Alouette helicopters for civilian use. In the small helicopter category the A star Ecuriel B2 is best for high altitude flying.